🎮Types of Crypto Games on Kandle

Crypto Fantasy Leagues: Battle Head 2 Head or in Portfolio Leagues with your opponents, with the coin/portfolio of your choice from the list we show while you play. Coin Leagues, Portfolio Leagues and Mega Leagues are different formats of trading games, based on winning outcomes.

High/Low Prediction Challenges: Perfect game to test your crypto prices knowledge in this Player vs Environment game. A quick quiz of 10 questions asking you relative current prices of 2 crypto coins or stocks that you can answer by simply tapping High or Low and you win $10 straight, everyday!

Predict 2 Win: Put your money where your mouth is. Take a punt and predict the crypto and stock prices with precision in our exclusive Predict 2 Win game. Wager an amount of your liking and await the outcome in real world. Earn proportional rewards based on your wagered amount.

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