🎨VIP Club : Badges & Benefits

User badges on Kandle are prestigious achievements that players earn by playing leagues on Kandle. Each badge comes with its own set of benefits, reflecting the player's dedication and skill.

Let's explore the badge system and the exciting journey to becoming a CHAMP on Kandle: Kandle has 5 badges, which you achieve as your wagered amount increases on the platform.

The badge progression criteria on Kandle is as follows:

  • NEWB: wagered amount < $1000

  • DEGEN: wagered amount ≥ $1000

  • PRO: wagered amount ≥ $5000

  • ELITE: wagered amount ≥ $20,000

  • CHAMP: wagered amount ≥ $50,000

Badge benefits:

Kandle provides badges benefits like Loss amount refund, commission refund, level up bonuses, no fee withdrawals and other in-game benefits.

Here are the different benefits for different badge holders on Kandle:


  1. What is the loss amount refund?

As a loyalty bonus for achieving the VIP badges, you get a 10% refund on paid entry fees for your next 10 losses. Coin/Portfolio leagues only.

  1. What is the commission amount refund?

When you achieve the bonus-eligible VIP badges on Kandle, you get a 50% refund of the charged commission on your next 10 wins. Coin/Portfolio leagues only.

  1. What is the calculation and eligibility for bonus winnings?

You are eligible for bonus winnings right after you achieve the bonus eligible VIP badges (refer table above). Under this benefit, you earn 10% extra of your winnings as per the max winning cap of each eligible badge. Coin/Portfolio leagues only.

  1. What are the eligibility requirements for the weekly bonus?

The player must play at least 1 game daily, with a minimum entry of $10 to qualify. Weekly bonuses are surprise bonus amounts!

  1. Can I redeem all my FREE High/Low vouchers on the same day?

No, there is a limit to it. You can use max 2 FREE vouchers per day.

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