🛠️Buying $USDT

$USDT is the most popular stable coin that mirrors the value of the U.S. dollar. It offers the stability of fiat currencies while benefiting from the swift and global flow of cryptocurrencies.

To buy USDT on Kandle, follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign In on Kandle's website and click on the wallet icon located in the top navbar to access your wallet.

  1. To buy $USDT in Kandle, enter the desired amount of $USDT you want to buy & deposit, click on the "Buy" button in the wallet. You will then be taken to one of our integrated on-ramp service. Disclaimer: The above third party services can be used to purchase crypto that can be used to play on Kandle. By registering on their platform, you are also accepting to their terms of service and will be required to pass their KYC process, which runs independently to ours.

  1. Create an account with KYC on any of our integrated third party on-ramp that shows up, if you don't already have one. If you already have the account just log in, select your country and the payment method you want to use to buy $USDT. ON-ramps support various payment options, such as bank transfers, debit cards, and credit cards to buy $USDT

  1. Select $USDT as the crypto you want to purchase. On-ramps offer a range of crypto to be bought, so make sure to choose $USDT specifically.

  1. Specify the amount of $USDT you want to buy.

  1. Review the fees calculation, including the exchange rate, on-ramp fees, and the total amount you will be paying. On-ramps will provide you with this information before proceeding with the purchase.

  1. Once you have reviewed the fees details and are satisfied, proceed to complete the purchase. Follow the instructions provided by On-ramps to finalize the transaction and make the payment using your chosen payment method.

  1. After making the payment, On-ramp will process your transaction. The time it takes to receive the $USDT in your Kandle wallet may vary depending on the network congestion and other factors. On-ramps allow users to track the progress of your transaction on the platform.

If you are having trouble completing your purchase, contact our customer support for assistance by dropping a mail to support@kandle.xyz

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