🛠️Deposit from Exchange or other wallets

Kandle offers multi-asset support for your deposits and auto-swaps them into $USDT.

Deposit $USDT directly or choose from any of the following assets while depositing and enjoy playing on Kandle.

Supported assets that you can deposit in your Kandle wallet:

  1. Visit the Kandle's Wallet Navigate to the "Wallet" section on the home screen.

  1. Deposit Multiple Assets Click on the "deposit" button and select "Exchange Wallet" to proceed for the asset selection.

  1. Instant Assets Swap Select the cryptocurrency you want to deposit from the list of supported assets. On deposit, experience the instant and automatic swapping of your assets into $USDT to play with ease on Kandle.

  1. Transfer to your Unique Kandle Wallet Address Copy your unique Kandle wallet address from the "Deposit Address" section. Open the crypto wallet that holds your desired assets and navigate to the "Send" or "Transfer" button. Paste your deposit address as the recipient of the coin transfer, ensuring accuracy to avoid any potential errors.

  1. Review before moving ahead Review the gas fees associated with the transaction and confirm that you are sending the desired asset through the Binance Smart Chain network or Polygon network only. Please Note: If you deposit via other networks, your assets may be lost.

Access $USDT on Kandle with Ease Once deposited, enjoy the convenience of accessing $USDT directly in Kandle Wallet, without the need for multiple conversions on different platforms.

Know here, how it works:

When you deposit cryptocurrencies, Kandle calculates their equivalent value in $USDT based on current market rates. The converted $USDT balance is what you'll see in your Kandle wallet, and it's what you'll use to enter and play games.

Remember, during withdrawal, your winnings will be paid out in $USDT only.

With the multiple asset support system, we aim to provide you with greater flexibility and convenience in managing your crypto assets. No more hopping between platforms – it's all here on Kandle!

P.S. If you have followed the instructions mentioned above, you should not encounter any difficulties and the wallet must reflect the deposited assets in the form of $USDT. However, if you need assistance or have any concerns regarding the deposit process for Kandle wallet, we encourage you to contact our dedicated support team at support@kandle.xyz

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