🛠️How to Withdraw?

Withdrawing your hard-earned rewards from Kandle is a seamless process, ensuring you can access your funds promptly. All earnings are instantly credited to your Kandle wallet as soon as you win a league, eliminating the need to wait for your well-deserved rewards.

For your convenience and saving the time, we've got two ways of withdrawal on Kandle.

Here's how you can withdraw your funds from Kandle in various ways:

Exchange or Other Wallets

1. Sign in on Kandle using your Google account and click on the wallet icon located in the top centre corner to access your wallet.

2. Inside the wallet, click on the "Withdraw" button, initiating the withdrawal process.

3. Enter the wallet address where you wish to transfer your $USDT earnings. Always copy paste the wallet address to ensure accuracy and prevent any potential loss of funds.

4. Select the amount of $USDT you wish to withdraw, ensuring that it aligns with your desired transfer. Minimum amount you can withdraw from Kandle is $10

5. Complete the provided captcha, an essential security measure to protect your funds and ensure a seamless withdrawal process, and click on "Send Funds".

Web3 Wallets

  1. Click on the "withdraw" button from the wallet section after connecting your web3 wallet.

  1. You will notice that the withdrawal address automatically fills in with your connected web3 wallet address. If not , you will find a section where you can confirm your wallet address, accompanied by the "use web3 wallet address" option.

  2. Now enter the amount you want to withdraw (in $USDT).

  3. Verify the ReCaptcha and click on "Send Funds".

  1. Your funds will be transferred to your connected web3 wallet instantly.

Voila! Your earnings will be successfully withdrawn to your designated wallet address!

Note: Our only condition for FIRST withdrawal is :: User deposits $10 and subsequently wagers $10 in games. After these requirements are met, there are no limitations on withdrawals.

P.S. If you have followed the instructions mentioned above, you should not encounter any difficulties in withdrawal. However, if you need assistance or have any concerns regarding the withdrawal process from Kandle wallet, we encourage you to contact our dedicated support team at support@kandle.xyz

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