🛠️Deposit from Web3 Wallets

Your deposits and withdrawals will be processed instantly, ensuring you have uninterrupted gaming experiences.

Here's how to Connect Your Web3 Wallet to Kandle:

  1. Visit the Kandle's Wallet Navigate to the "Wallet" section on the home screen.

  1. Web3 Wallet Selection Click on the "web3 wallet" section and select your desired web3 wallet.

  1. Easy to Connect Follow the prompts to securely link your wallet to your Kandle account.

How to deposit with the connected web3 wallet on Kandle?

  1. After successfully connecting your wallet with Kandle, select your desired blockchain.

  1. On the next screen, you will see all your available assets and their balances, fetched from your connected web3 wallet.

  2. Choose any asset you want to deposit and enter the quantity.

  1. Click the "Request Funds" button and then approve the transaction from your web3 wallet.

  1. Your funds will be transferred from your connected web3 wallet to Kandle wallet instantly.

Voila! Now all your transactions are made easier with just few clicks on Kandle!

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