🛠️Difference between Main Balance & Earned Bonus

At Kandle, there are two types of balances: Main Balance and Earned Bonus.

Understanding the difference between these balances is crucial. Here's an overview:

  1. Main Balance: Your main balance in the Kandle Wallet comprises the $USDT balance you have deposited and the $USDT earnings you have accumulated by achieving victories in various leagues/games. This balance can be utilized to participate in leagues and contests and can be withdrawn too.

  1. Earned Bonus: Earned Bonus refers to the $USDT you receive as bonus on Kandle through participating in giveaways, referrals, promotions etc. Unlike the main balance, the Earned Bonus cannot be withdrawn. However, you can use it to participate in leagues/games.

Also note, the earned bonus gets clawed back if the user stays inactive on Kandle (meaning: doesn't login on Kandle) for a period of 15 consecutive days.

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